Originally the club was formed for the interest of both car and bike riders in Launceston and was called the Tasmanian Automobile Club. The constitution stated that membership had to be approximately 50 / 50 car and bike. At events cars would compete with bike riders acting as officials for half the day and the roles swapped for the second half.

Right from the start the club ran regular competitive events mainly on the roads in and around Launceston. Hill climbs were held at places like Henry Street, High Street, Denison Road, and Landfall Hill. Acceleration test were held at many places along the Midland Highway, The “flying mile” near Longford, Rochalea Road and Nile Road.

“We strive to build a legacy for our two daughters by being honest, reliable, and an integral part of our community.”

Brian Shepley

Owner and Operator

Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycle

Our History

Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycle

Brian Shepley


Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycle

Owner, Brian Shepley, brings extensive experience and a lifelong passion for motorcycles to his work. Growing up in a family of motorcycle enthusiasts, Brian was inspired by his father, an avid motorcyclist, and his grandfather, Russel Shepley. Russel not only restored Indian brand motorcycles, but also rode them until his last day at the age of 98.

Since Day 1


Motorcycles have been an integral part of Brian’s family life from the very beginning. Even Brian’s mother shared this passion, riding alongside his father and grandfather. For those who have lived this way of life, it’s clear that it’s not just about the nuts and bolts – it’s about the passion.


3rd Generation

It runs in the family

Brian, a proud third-generation Harley Davidson rider, carries on his family's legacy with distinction. As a PHD-certified MMI mechanic, he brings exceptional expertise and a deep-rooted passion for motorcycles to every project he undertakes.



Serving our community

Brian Shepley has been a dedicated part of Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycles for 8 years, backed by 20 years of experience in building and repairing motorcycles. A graduate of MMI in Phoenix, AZ, he has served as a regional mechanic for 11 years. Alongside his wife Leslie, Brian opened their first business, committed to providing honest work at reasonable prices.

Brian and Leslie strive to build a legacy for their two daughters, emphasizing honesty, reliability, and being a key part of the local community!

Est. 2016

Grand Opening

In 2016, Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycle was proudly established, marking a significant milestone in the Shepley family legacy. With a foundation built on decades of experience and a deep-seated passion for motorcycles, the shop quickly became a trusted destination for enthusiasts and riders alike.

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Shepley's V-Twin Motorcycle


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